We manufacture High carbon,Low carbon,Mild Steel & Galvanized wires of various sizes & grades.

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Spring Steel Wires

High carbon wires/Spring steel wires are manufactured from size 0.30 to 14mm(Grade-I,Grade-II),oiled and packed, widely used by various spring manufacturers/auto component/agricultural equipments manufacturing companies.

Rope Wires

We supply various grades of steel wire which are mainly used for manufacturing of wire ropes as per IS-1835-1976 according to customer requirements & specification.

Spring Washers Wires

We manufacture spring washer wires in drawn and annealed finish from 2.00mm to 8.00mm in oiled and packed condition,which are widely used for manufacturing of spring washers,snap rings etc,

Galvanized Steel Wires

We manufacture patented galvanized steel wires from 0.30mm to 4.00mm. RQ/FQ quality material being produced by us is supplied to auto cable industries,steel wire rope manufacturers, helical spring manufacturers and others.

ACSR Wires

We manufacture HT galvanized steel wire which is widely used for producing ACSR Conductors.The nominal diameter of the wire is 1.50mm to 4.80mm.The Zinc coating is done as per IS 398/11/76,BS 215,BS 4565

Galvanized Iron Wires

We supply Hot Dip Galvanized wire from size 1.40mm to 5.00mm.The Zinc coating is done as per the requirement of the party i.e commercial/heavy duty. Widely used for manufacturing poultry mesh,crate,chain link fencing etc.

Spoke Wires

We also manufacture Cycle/Two wheeler spoke wires sizes ranging from 1.80mm to 2.70mm with carbon content from 0.35% to 0.45%.These wires are widely used by cycle and two wheeler manufacturers

HB/HHB Wires

These wires vary from size 0.40mm to 8.00mm dia and are basically used for manufacturing of nails,wooden and sheet metal screws,nuts and bolts etc.

An ISO 9001 Certified company


• High Carbon Wires

• Low Carbon Wires

• Mild Steel & Galvanized Wires

The state of art manufacturing unit having an installed capacity of 20,000 TPA is located in 10 acres of land at Damtal, Himachal Pradesh.